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ESG Management

ESG Activity

Environmental Management

System Construction

The interest in environmental management, such as ESG management and carbon neutrality,
is increasing and environment-related regulations are continuously reinforced.

Therefore, Parkwon’s affiliates has established an environmental management system in response to environmental risks.
We are reinforcing pollution prevention activities in advance for eco-friendly business establishment and are making the efforts
to minimize environmental effects through internal/external Environmental Effect Assessment.
Also, we perform environmental regulation compliance evaluation regularly and
establish countermeasures for environment-related laws in advance.

  • VISION Eco-friendly company

    Pursues low-carbon green growth

  • GOAL Strengthening company’s stature

    The establishment of
    eco-friendly management

Environmental Management Declaration

Sustainable Green Growth

We realize Sustainable Green Growth through low-carbon, eco-friendly management,
and promise to practice the following “7 promises” to leave a clean, bright future and dream of tomorrow to the next generation.

7 promises for brighter future
  • Respond actively to climate crisis by practicing carbon neutrality
  • Leading low-carbon green growth through technical innovation such as the development of eco-friendly ship
  • Complying with environment-related laws and regulations in respective countries
  • Reinforcing eco-friendly management based on ISO 14001 (Environment Management System)
  • Leading effective use of resources through resource saving and recycling
  • Making continuous efforts to minimize pollutants in the production process
  • Settling clean environmental management culture through clear, public management of environment information